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Auctus Biologics, Inc., a portfolio company of Ichor Therapeutics, Inc., is a pre-clinical biotechnology company that develops antibody mimetics for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

Our Science


Antibodies are the most prolific biologics in clinical environments because of their ability to bind targets with high affinity and specificity. However, antibodies also carry liabilities. They are often unstable and require costly cold-chain management to reach their destinations in active form. Because of their fragility, antibodies typically cannot be used in extreme environments like the gastrointestinal tract and can require lengthy infusions to administer to patients.

RPtag, based on a ribose-binding protein from the extremophile Caldanaerobacter subterraneus, is a novel antibody mimetic scaffold under development by Auctus Biologics, Inc. RPtag has been engineered to bind clinical targets with similar affinity to monoclonal antibodies and can survive extreme environments, including repeat boiling cycles. The RPtag scaffold has also been shown to be orally bioavailable when appropriately formulated.

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Auctus Biologics has a number of ongoing collaborations and partnerships to further characterize, develop, and advance the RPtag scaffold. Parties interested in discussing co-develop opportunities should contact management using the form below.

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